We’re in the Wall Street Journal!

From the Wall Street Journal:

“Speakeasy was chatting with newfound friends at a South By Southwest party recently in Austin, when someone mentioned they had spent the previous evening singing karaoke in an RV with the some of the cast members of the film “MacGruber.” The story instantly caught our interest, so we tracked down Kestrin Pantera, a Los Angeles-based actress and musician who co-created the vehicle — officially called the (RV)IP Lounge & Karaoke [Lounge] — with fiancé Jonathan Grubb. Pantera said that she and Grubb first came up with the idea roughly three years ago, and are still going strong. This year, they were sponsored at SXSW by the social network platform Ning.”

Here’s a video of our adventure:


-by Michelle Kung

Update: Thanks to our awesome friends & legends, the RVIP article went to #1 on the Speakeasy WSJ page!


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RVIP S.F. Instant Reunion

We’re getting together for an “I Miss You Already” party this Wednesday,  8pm, at El Rio. Karaoke by @kjpaul!

For future reference: Karaoke in San Francisco, check out www.kjpaul.com!

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Hello from Austin

Hey y’all.  Now that Kestrin finished her presentation for the good people at Digitas, we’re hopping back on the blog-train.

SXSW 2010: Where to begin?  This year we’ve already had 3 epic and legendary nights. Ning has been a marvelous sponsor. We’ve reconnected with marvelous friends– the Burning Man LLC members have been regularly kicking ass singing all night long, the “Canadian Embassy” rocked hard and long, and Scott Beale took some typically awesome photos Friday night:

Marian Goodell & Heather (Burning Man)

The Canadians

Portland looking fancy

Trammell & Micah, making it hurt

more to come!

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SXSW Austin: 2010 Schedule

The RVIP Lounge is heading to back to Austin, TX, for South by Southwest Interactive Festival 2010. Thanks to our fabulous sponsor, Ning.com, we will whip out the spotlight, red carpet, and epic karaoke performances, as we morph transportation into entertainment and impromptu adventure.  Odds are, you’ll have way more fun riding around all night singing karaoke with us in our RV, than at that party with the long line outside.  Be warned, a night on the RVIP Lounge is an insanely great, face-meltingly unbelievable experience:

“I don’t remember ever having more fun! Seriously, I don’t remember…”
Scott Watson, Scott Watson, CTO/SVP Walt Disney Imagineering

“The RVIP Lounge is my favorite invention of the millennium.”
-Greg Collins, Grammy Award Winning Producer

“The most inventive, best kind of fun one could have.”
-Abby Russell, Emmy Award Nominated Producer

RVIP Lounge 2010 Official Stops:

Friday: Ustream Opening Night Party @ 8pm Phoenix 409 Colorado Street Austin, TX
Saturday: Cog’aoke Karaoke Party @ 10pm The Scoot Inn, 1308 4th St, Austin, TX
Sunday: Barbarian Group/StumbleUpon Party @ 8pm The Mohawk, 912 Red River, Austin, TX
Monday: 20×20, Foursquare Party @ 8pm Cedar Street Courtyard/ Ghost Room, 250 W. 4th St. Austin, TX
Tuesday: Ticketfly Party & Media Temple Closing night event: @ 5pm Clive Bar, 609 Davis St. Austin, TX  &
8pm The Mohawk, 912 Red River, Austin, TX

Proudly Sponsored by

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{RV}IP Lounge Netbook Raffle Video & SXSW final shout-out

Hey Ya’ll,

By now you’re probably all detoxed and have completely forgotten about your SXSW debauchery– but we haven’t… because the {RV}IP Lounge got your card, put it in a raffle, and gave away an Intel Netbook.  And the lucky winner is…. wait for it…

Jason Keene.

Thought you deserved some closure.  But don’t worry, we’ll be back next year.  Thanks, once again, to our sponsors (Intel, CauseCast, GirlGamer, & LOUD3R— more info about them below). But most importantly, thank YOU, for bringing your awesomeness to the {RV}IP Lounge and rocking out. It wouldn’t really be the same if it were just me in an RV singing karaoke by myself while Jonathan drove around in circles.

Here’s the video of the drawing taking place, with images from the event (some of you are in the video!)

Y’all be good, now. See you in 2010!

Kestrin Pantera
Producer, {RV}IP Lounge

(and here’s some backstory on {RV}IP 2009 Sponsors):

LOUD3R is a network of websites that are centered around specific topics. We use a combination of technology and human editorial content to find the hottest, freshest, most relevant content on the web about the things that you REALLY care about: www.LOUD3R.com , Twitter: @loud3r

Intel is driven to create bold advancements in technology that enable positive change and a better, more interesting world. The global leader in silicon innovation, Intel develops technologies, products and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live: www.scoop.intel.com Twitter: @intel

Causecast is a coalition of change-makers, problem solvers and every day people working together to change the world. We build relationships with nonprofits, support leaders, produce content, break news, organize events, throw parties and develop the tools and resources to take action. Causecast combines the powers of media, entertainment, philanthropy and business for the greater good: www.Causecast.org, Twitter: @causecast

GirlGamer is the definitive social network & video game lifestyle site for female gamers featuring news, reviews, profiles, forums, and more, focused on creating a better space for both gamers and the industry: www.girlgamer.com, Twitter: @girlgamer


{RV}IP Guest Panel: Nate Bolt (Bolt|Peters), Carla Borsoi (Ask.com), Andy Budd, Juliette Melton, Mark Trammell (Digg)
@Aubs & @Spangley


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Thank you for making {RV}IP Lounge SXSW 2009 our best shindig yet!

We came, we karaoked, and we prevailed.  SXSW 2009 was the {RV}IP Lounge’s greatest incarnation yet.  

5 Reasons Why 2009 was the Best SXSW Ever:


1. We upgraded to the RV of our wildest dreams (after a completely non-nightmarish fuel pump breakdown–actually one of our funnest nights).  Never underestimate the power of being stranded in the company of brilliance.

3563847 3376486682_991295f0421

Above: Sad, broken 27′ RV.                                    Above: Happy, Thriving, 40′ RV.

2. We had the best turn-out to date, with endless participation from a hilarious and engaging community, who kept the rockage going until the break of dawn Every Single Night. From the Barbarian Group/Onion Decider party to Laughing Squid/Get Satisfaction’s 32 bit event, we had fabulous co-conspirators that helped make every night on the Lounge completely epic.

3367157044_e71dc237f0 3368053522_125474990a

Above: The front of the RV                                   Above: The back of the RV

Below: The secret back room of the RVIP Lounge. Someone got into the ribs…again.  Note that it is not a table they are sitting on, but a bed.


3.  We made incredible new friends who know how to karaoke like it counts. This year’s {RV}IP Participation Awards go to:

@NickRob: This guy is EXACTLY who you want to have around when technical difficulties arise and you need a legendary storyteller who can follow-up with earthshattering renditions of R.Kelly.  We’re pretty sure he makes hilarious movies, as well.

@Trammell: Just when you thought it might be a bad idea to open a can of showtunes, Trammell proves once again that when you’re a jet, you’re a jet through and through– and we’re ALL better because of it.  Also, turns out it’s nice to have a Digg.com UX strategist on-board when LA Weekly starts to interview you.

@micahsch: If you get a flat tire, it helps to have a mighty mind on-board to help strategize your way back into successful all-night karaoke mobility, against the odds.  We hear he’s responsible for Youtube’s success, but you’ll never hear it from his mouth.  He’d rather be singing Les Mis.

@spangley: Equal parts rockstar, goddess, and adorable geek, Ali helped us maintain our SXSW Music cred, and also made sure we got our daily dose of Hall & Oates.  Where we would be without hot hilarious girls like this one, we shudder to think.

@lionelshmoo: Where to begin? He informed us that we had our own Foursquare badge (der?) and helped us look good for the media when 2 camera crews descended upon us (and still managed to work his full-time job to the finest capacity, masterminding the future of technology)

Honorable Mentions to Friends who Helped us:

@crashgrab: The second-to-last night of {RV}IP, she taught us to love again, @beccafrog: she schooled us on how to operate our own system, @mickipedia: always spreading the word!, @aubs: wine & bbq– who knew?, @u_m: carla, the urban mermaid, brought the rock, @Bolty007: your panoramic animations rule, @ideasproject: keeping us cultured and informed, @cathybrooks: uniting us with our heroes,  @nick & @m: keeping the snark alive, paul de jong: for teaching us how to do it all, and @foursquare: made us our very own {RV}IP Lounge badge. Thanks guys!


4.  We have the best sponsors ever, without whom {RV}IP SXSW 2009 would have happened not-at-all:

Intel:  Aside from making the world a better place with cutting edge technology, you shared your awesome Netbooks and MID’s with {RV}IP Lounge participants, creatively supported other great projects like Tech Cab Confessions, and were a positive and inspiring force at all times.  Thank You! @intel

CauseCast: You make us want to be better people.  You helped us clean up Austin and organize the SXSW community to make their voices heard via the power of  the Moustache March.  You sang all night long and supported us every day in our quest to spread hilarity and joy through the power of karaoke.  Thank You! @causecast

GirlGamer: You got us off on the right foot– rocking all night long with incredible geek women singing rockband until the break of dawn.  You tirelessly spread the word about {RV}IP on-and-off of the internet, and brought a posse of troops rivaled by none.  Thank you for keeping the RockBand alive– and congrats on your launch! @girlgamer

LOUD3R: Without companies like Loud3r, this event would never have happened.  The first man to step-up to the plate is invaluable.  Thank you, Loud3r, for sharing Jonathan Grubb with SXSW 2009 and the tech community at large.  The indomitable driver of the {RV}IP  Lounge, Captain Grubb is the secret weapon that makes the wheels on the RV go ’round and ’round. @LOUD3R

…and special thanks to our music co-sponsor, Blue Collar Distro: You gave us hamburger t-shirts, but more than that, you gave us a home at SXSW 2009. @bcdistro.

Others who helped us at SXSW 2009: Honest Tea: you kept us antioxidant-loaded, RePurpose: wouldn’t be the same without compostable cups, StickAm: for showing us the live-streaming light, Letterbox Pictures: you make a mean budget, Dipity: thanks for being with us from the begining!

5) Press


Photo Credit: Erin Broadley


“SXSW and the Future of Media: Impromptu Core Conversation on Content Distribution at the RVIP Lounge” by Alexia Tsotsis

Chasing the Party Van: From RVIP to Gawker to Facebook – SxSW Parties ”  by Alexia Tsotsis

SXLA: Los Angeles Interactive in a Post-Network, Post-Geographical World” by Alexia Tsotsis

Houston Press:

“SXSW Games and Girls: ScreenBurn Arcade, Facebook Party, RVIP Lounge”


Photo Credit: Erin Broadley

(more pics here)

Coming Soon: Announcement of RVIP Lounge Intel Netbook Raffle Winner, Video, & Next Year’s Plans…


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The rumors are true…

…the {RV}IP Lounge rides again. Austin’s most hilarious karaoke party on wheels is returning for South by Southwest Festival, March 13-20th.  Though {RV}IP is eternally Lo-Fi at heart, we’ve made a few technological advancements this year.  For those of you who can’t make it out to Texas, we will live-stream interviews, mini-panels, acoustic sets, and epic karaoke performances from the “{RV}IP Media Den” via www.rviplounge.com and StickAm.com.  All karaoke singers will be entered into a raffle to win a new Intel Netbook (thanks, guys!), and {RV}IP will co-conspire on CauseCast’s Moustache March, outdoor RockBand with GirlGamer, and, as usual, surprise the long, waiting lines of Austin party-goers with our red carpet karaoke. Helmed, as always, by LOUD3R VP Jonathan Grubb and actress/cellist Kestrin Pantera, we won’t necessarily take you right where you want to go, but you’ll always end up where you want to be. For location updates, follow {RV}IP Lounge on Twitter at www.twitter.com/rviplounge.

Super Tentative Schedule, March 13-20th, 2009

Friday, 3/13/09 ~8:00pm: AMoDA Party, w/ Outdoor Rockband by GirlGamer, 912 Red River (adjacent), Austin, TX

Saturday, 3/14/09 ~8:00pm: Piryxtopia Benefiting Falling Whistles, w/ CauseCast, 412 D Congress Ave, Austin, TX

Sunday, 3/15/09 ~8:00pm: Intel 2.0 Pool Party, 201 E 6th St, Austin, TX

Monday, 3/16/09 ~10:00pm: 32bit Party, with Get Satisfaction & Laughing Squid, Location TBA via Twitter

Tuesday, 3/7/09 ~8:00pm: Intel Netbook Raffle, Location TBA via Twitter

Thursday, 3/19/09: ~4:30pm: CauseCast’s Mustache March: SE Corner of Brazos & 6th St, Austin, TX

~8:00pm: Hope Party @ Speakeasy 412 D- Congress Ave, Austin, TX

“‘The RVIP Lounge is the greatest experience you’ll ever have. You may think you’re having a good time in all those trendy clubs and bars downtown, but how many times have you thought to yourself ‘Is this really happening?’ At the RVIP Lounge, the surreal is commonplace.’”  – The Los Angeles Times

Sponsored by:


Twitter: @loud3r, Contact: Jonathan Grubb, jonathan@loud3r.com


Twitter: @intel, Contact: Ken Kaplan, ken.e.kaplan@intel.com


Twitter: @causecast, Contact: Nate Israel, nate@causecast.org


Twitter: @girlgamer, Contact: Mike Prasad, mike@girlgamer.com

Special Thanks to:

{RV}I.P. Guest Panel (Monday, March 16, 5pm at the Hilton):  “Developing Super Senses: Tools to Know Your Users”






Kestrin Pantera, Executive Producer, {RV}IP Lounge

www.kestrin.com, Twitter: @kestrin, Contact: kestrin@kestrin.com

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