The rumors are true…

…the {RV}IP Lounge rides again. Austin’s most hilarious karaoke party on wheels is returning for South by Southwest Festival, March 13-20th.  Though {RV}IP is eternally Lo-Fi at heart, we’ve made a few technological advancements this year.  For those of you who can’t make it out to Texas, we will live-stream interviews, mini-panels, acoustic sets, and epic karaoke performances from the “{RV}IP Media Den” via and  All karaoke singers will be entered into a raffle to win a new Intel Netbook (thanks, guys!), and {RV}IP will co-conspire on CauseCast’s Moustache March, outdoor RockBand with GirlGamer, and, as usual, surprise the long, waiting lines of Austin party-goers with our red carpet karaoke. Helmed, as always, by LOUD3R VP Jonathan Grubb and actress/cellist Kestrin Pantera, we won’t necessarily take you right where you want to go, but you’ll always end up where you want to be. For location updates, follow {RV}IP Lounge on Twitter at

Super Tentative Schedule, March 13-20th, 2009

Friday, 3/13/09 ~8:00pm: AMoDA Party, w/ Outdoor Rockband by GirlGamer, 912 Red River (adjacent), Austin, TX

Saturday, 3/14/09 ~8:00pm: Piryxtopia Benefiting Falling Whistles, w/ CauseCast, 412 D Congress Ave, Austin, TX

Sunday, 3/15/09 ~8:00pm: Intel 2.0 Pool Party, 201 E 6th St, Austin, TX

Monday, 3/16/09 ~10:00pm: 32bit Party, with Get Satisfaction & Laughing Squid, Location TBA via Twitter

Tuesday, 3/7/09 ~8:00pm: Intel Netbook Raffle, Location TBA via Twitter

Thursday, 3/19/09: ~4:30pm: CauseCast’s Mustache March: SE Corner of Brazos & 6th St, Austin, TX

~8:00pm: Hope Party @ Speakeasy 412 D- Congress Ave, Austin, TX

“‘The RVIP Lounge is the greatest experience you’ll ever have. You may think you’re having a good time in all those trendy clubs and bars downtown, but how many times have you thought to yourself ‘Is this really happening?’ At the RVIP Lounge, the surreal is commonplace.’”  – The Los Angeles Times

Sponsored by:

Twitter: @loud3r, Contact: Jonathan Grubb,

Twitter: @intel, Contact: Ken Kaplan,

Twitter: @causecast, Contact: Nate Israel,

Twitter: @girlgamer, Contact: Mike Prasad,

Special Thanks to:

{RV}I.P. Guest Panel (Monday, March 16, 5pm at the Hilton):  “Developing Super Senses: Tools to Know Your Users”

Kestrin Pantera, Executive Producer, {RV}IP Lounge, Twitter: @kestrin, Contact:


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