{RV}IP Lounge Netbook Raffle Video & SXSW final shout-out

Hey Ya’ll,

By now you’re probably all detoxed and have completely forgotten about your SXSW debauchery– but we haven’t… because the {RV}IP Lounge got your card, put it in a raffle, and gave away an Intel Netbook.  And the lucky winner is…. wait for it…

Jason Keene.

Thought you deserved some closure.  But don’t worry, we’ll be back next year.  Thanks, once again, to our sponsors (Intel, CauseCast, GirlGamer, & LOUD3R— more info about them below). But most importantly, thank YOU, for bringing your awesomeness to the {RV}IP Lounge and rocking out. It wouldn’t really be the same if it were just me in an RV singing karaoke by myself while Jonathan drove around in circles.

Here’s the video of the drawing taking place, with images from the event (some of you are in the video!)

Y’all be good, now. See you in 2010!

Kestrin Pantera
Producer, {RV}IP Lounge

(and here’s some backstory on {RV}IP 2009 Sponsors):

LOUD3R is a network of websites that are centered around specific topics. We use a combination of technology and human editorial content to find the hottest, freshest, most relevant content on the web about the things that you REALLY care about: www.LOUD3R.com , Twitter: @loud3r

Intel is driven to create bold advancements in technology that enable positive change and a better, more interesting world. The global leader in silicon innovation, Intel develops technologies, products and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live: www.scoop.intel.com Twitter: @intel

Causecast is a coalition of change-makers, problem solvers and every day people working together to change the world. We build relationships with nonprofits, support leaders, produce content, break news, organize events, throw parties and develop the tools and resources to take action. Causecast combines the powers of media, entertainment, philanthropy and business for the greater good: www.Causecast.org, Twitter: @causecast

GirlGamer is the definitive social network & video game lifestyle site for female gamers featuring news, reviews, profiles, forums, and more, focused on creating a better space for both gamers and the industry: www.girlgamer.com, Twitter: @girlgamer


{RV}IP Guest Panel: Nate Bolt (Bolt|Peters), Carla Borsoi (Ask.com), Andy Budd, Juliette Melton, Mark Trammell (Digg)
@Aubs & @Spangley


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2 responses to “{RV}IP Lounge Netbook Raffle Video & SXSW final shout-out

  1. Simon

    Jonathan and Kestrin! I’m pretty sure that piece of paper you put in your pocket at number 46 was my “not a card” that i wrote on when i realized i was out of cards…..

    Good times.


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