The Winners of RVIP LA…

So, we like to give credit where credit is due. And now we shall award those who “brought it” the most this round–by which we mean they came out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and ROCKED IT.

It’s the fabulous “RVIP LOUNGE LOS ANGELES AWARDS, May 2008.


1) He Came, He Lightsaber Air-Guitared, He sang David Bowie. John Bernstein, you rock our boats.

2) Some of you may know him as a powerful attorney, but to us on the RVIP Lounge, we know him as Scotty Spanks, He Who Brings The Party Home. Not just because he lives next door, but because of his genuine enthusiasm. Yes, Scotty, we’re going through RVIP withdrawl as well…

3) “She with the Voice of an R & B Angel”: Natalie, without your sweet soulful voice wafting through our ears, we’d just be a truckload of drunks screaming into a microphone. Well, that’s not entirely true, but you do hold down the artistic cred of the lot. Thank you for your beautiful music.

Honorable mentions go to Jeff Toolan (, Vie Boutique, Josh Reiss and Ali Ward for totally bringing the party.

RVIP Lounge, Kestrin, & Jonathan

Oh, and P.S., we also announce Paul De Jong as our official family member for all time– the only reason he doesn’t have an official award is because it’s like when you’re in charge of the lottery, your family members can’t win the lottery. You know?)


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