RVIP-LA is coming to town… May 1-7, 2008!

So, before we announce the winners for RVIP-sxsw, we’ve got something to tell you…

May 1-7, in beautiful Los Angeles, CA, the RVIP Lounge takes it to the next level, making all of your karaoke / mobile-party dreams come true. We have so many incredible sponsors that it will take an entire blog post to properly brag about it.

And now, the winners of RVIP-SXSW, 2008:

The “Bring it on Home” Award:
-He was the last man standing/singing EVERY SINGLE NIGHT of RVIP-sxsw. How does he do it? He’s a pro. This sort of karaoke and party professionalism takes years of hard work and dedication.

Scott, we take our sombreros off to you.

The “#1 Enthusiast” Award:
-Michael Lambie, you are our hero; the reason we get up at 11am after driving all night listening to Scott’s goth ballads. Your enthusiasm, active participation, and awesome vibes really make our wheels go round. You are inspiration, pure & simple.

The “Baby on Board” Award:
-Some people lame out after they have kids, stay home, and don’t do cool things like go to sxsw.

Also, some people aren’t founders of multiple successful companies whilst totally rocking the RV til the early morn– when we look at you, Amy Muller, we breath a sigh of relief that you and Tesla are here with us. We love you, mom.



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2 responses to “RVIP-LA is coming to town… May 1-7, 2008!

  1. Awww, shucks you guys. I’m so honored. I SO wasn’t expecting this at all. There are just too many people to thank. But you know who you are and you’re awesome.

    p.s. RAWK!

  2. seriously, one of the best experiences of my life.

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