Hot Fudge Rocking

Q: What’s the best way to eat a hot fudge sundae?

A: Whilst singing G n’ R in the RVIP lounge at 4am.

We resurfaced in the 3 o’clock hour for a late-night haul and:

1. Made, ate, & distributed the best hot fudge sundaes ever

2. Rode on an 80 foot long bike that looks like a snake

3. Determined the winners of the official “SXSW 2008 RVIP Awards”.

The RVIP lounge will top-off this week’s festivities with a formal-ish closing awards ceremony. We are super-stoked about this year’s winners, they truly deserve sweet, sweet recognition for bringing the party.

Event details will be released on the twitter.

As always, find us by texting “follow rviplounge” to 40404. & Rubyred Labs



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2 responses to “Hot Fudge Rocking

  1. Jay

    RVIP recreated scenes from “Lost in Translation” for me. Thanks again for the lift! 🙂

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