Welcome to the RVIP Lounge & Karaoke Cabaret

We just arrived in Austin & are totally pumped! The RVIP Lounge is coming together nicely– this will surely be the greatest of all mobile-karaoke lounges in Texas.

5 things we will have in the RVIP lounge:

1. The Best Karaoke Ever

You may think we are exaggerating, but no. This is, in fact, the best karaoke songlist of all time. 7 years in the making, 10,000 songs strong. Prepare to rock us.

2. Photo-Booth

Smile! You’re on Flickr!

3. Mobile Bar

You didn’t think we were going to make you sing karaoke and then take pictures of you sober, did you? (of course, our driver will be, and we will definitely convince him to…)

4. Red Carpet

Everyone’s an RVIP in this party

5. Blowtorched Nachos

The most interactive and dangerous of all nachos. Karaoke doesn’t go well with an empty stomach– don’t worry, we’re lookin’ out for ya.

For location & RVIP Lounge updates, follow us on Twitter: Text “follow RVIPLOUNGE” into your phone and send to 40404.

See you on the streets of Austin!


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One response to “Welcome to the RVIP Lounge & Karaoke Cabaret

  1. Anneke

    dudes. Can’t even tell you how much I wish I could’ve taken up too much space in the RVIP and eaten/made/distributed some of those blow-torch nachos.

    sounds like you had rockin’, knockin’, arty good time!!

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